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With the once black and white lines of good and evil beginning to blur, how easy will it be to tell innocence from danger?
Sort all of the characters for whom we have created bios for by various criteria, including availability, gender and allegiance.
Click here for our application forms. Please fill one of them in and submit it to complete the audition process.
Upon acceptance into the group, please ensure that you are following all of the blogs stated on this master list.

Admin Absence

All pending applications will be replied to when I get back, as will inbox messages.

Anonymous said: This looks really awesome but i'm having trouble figuring out who to apply for. I have three tops that are all open but the decision is very hard. Who are your most wanted for the RP?

Our most wanted can be found here, but if I’m honest I’d love to see any of our open characters taken. I’d advise choosing whichever character you feel most comfortable with and know that you’ll have fun playing.

Anonymous said: I was thinking of applying as a villain but was unsure if you guys were in the market. I was considering Aldrich Killian. Would you as a group be amenable to that?

We love our villains and would be delighted to have more! Aldrich would certainly be a welcome addition to the group.

Rather than focusing on writing, this challenge is a little lighter but equally as creative. Moodboards have been used a lot lately around tumblr, with gifs used to help sum up characters, their personalities and behaviour in a single gifset.

Examples of moodboards can be found here, with plenty of gif hunts being made and published for your use here.

Please tag your post as ‘aarp writing challenge

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→ MISSION: Underground Reconnaissance


  • Genis-Vell (Photon; Team Leader)
  • Cassie Lang (Stature)
  • Bruce Banner (Hulk)


New York is known for being a hive of different cultures from all around the globe; a single point on Earth where those from all walks of life can be seen side by side. Attracting people daily, be them local residents or tourists from abroad, the city rightfully deserves its notorious reputation of being one that never sleeps. Only when a literal hive - one from a culture entirely alien to Earth - is discovered deep within the tunnels of the city’s Subway and Sewage systems, does New York’s acceptance of everything different truly come into question 

S.W.O.R.D, in an agreement with S.H.I.E.L.D, have sought out the alien hero Photon as a liaison between the alien community living underground and the two organisations. Recent work carried out alongside the Black Widow have during an undercover investigation has uncovered a new skillset: that Photon can translate, speak and understand, all known alien languages.

The Mission:

Due to the state of disrepair that these tunnels have fallen into, it is too dangerous to send a large force into the hive. Instead, a small select team will be created for the mission. The agents and/or heroes will be taken via a S.H.I.E.L.D transport to an outpost situated one mile from the only known entrance to the hive. Trackers will be given to each member of the taskforce before the mission, acting as a beacon to be used in case they become lost — or so that any bodies may be recovered later. 

Warning: the nature of these aliens is unknown and no accurate identification of the species has been made. It is possible that what we are dealing with may relate to the urban myth of alligators living beneath New York, however the lack of sightings makes it difficult to confirm. Those undertaking the mission should assume that they are capable of using weapons and could be extremely dangerous, so we ask that caution is taken. As usual, any use of force should only be used in situations that require self-defence.


Unsure of how our missions work? Then take a look here. Mission creation credit goes to Phil.

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Activity is crucial to our roleplay in order to keep up with our plots. It is measured by whether you are online, as well as your participation in para threads and gif chats. Should you need a break from roleplaying, please message me so that you can be put on an approved hiatus. Thank you.

Activity Warning

The activity check includes anyone who has been inactive for over a week or are deemed to not be participating enough. As a guideline, you should always be involved in at least one thread and so activity is based on the time since your last para reply. A warning message will be sent to the following accounts:

  • Carol Danvers
  • Thor Odinson
  • Annie Smith
  • Bruce Banner
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Hiatus List

If you require a hiatus then please let the admin know via an inbox message know so that it can be approved.

  • Taylor (semi-Hiatus until 22nd July)
  • Rune (until 23rd July)
  • Liz (until 7th August)
  • Chy (until 10th August)
Anonymous said: I noticed your Steve has been sort of inactive. Is everything all right? I was hoping to app for him but someone else beat me to it. I'm going to keep checking in because your rp looks super fly!

Our darling Steve has only been here for a week or so and I’m pretty sure that everything is fine, but thanks for the concern! Aw, that’s very kind of you to say so, I’m glad that you like the look of our RP. Perhaps there’s someone else you could consider applying for?

Anonymous said: Your Idie hasn't been active for ten days, and I'm very interested in the role? I'm wondering if it may be open soon, as they don't seem to be on hiatus.

I’m sorry but Amourette (Idie’s player) intends to return next week as, until now, she’s been pretty swamped by school. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to have you though, if there’s any other characters that you’re interested in then do feel free to apply for them instead!

« Follow Alex! »

Alex McKensie (Nexus) | 24 | TAKEN | FC: Finn Jones

I’m really not the sort of guy you want to get on the wrong side of.”

Bio: Alex McKensie was born ‘n’ raised in Queens, New Jersey. His life was peaceful, normal and probably a little boring during his childhood. No traumatic events, no real problems. All was as it should be: up until around his thirteenth birthday. While most teenagers simply deal with the growth of hair, acne and girls or guys, Alex had to deal with a much bigger problem - his mutation. It presented itself at 13, when Alex first hit his stride in puberty. It was something simple, in terms of x-gene mutations - short-circuiting a computer, feeling a bit off when around generators, etc. It wasn’t until his first high school gym class that things became… awkward. Alex managed to get himself into a fight after the session and consequently shoved a boy. When said boy returned with a haymaker, Alex grabbed him and in the blink of an eye stopped the other brawler’s heart.

After this, Alex felt as though he could never return home for fear of hurting his own family. He launched himself into the open world of New York, his powers and the accident preventing him from ever really growing close to anyone. He slowly figured out how his abilities worked - as if his genes were telling him, guiding his body through the process - and he took silly precautions like wearing rubber gloves and always keeping himself grounded. They were silly, childish ideas but they made him feel safer. Spending two years out in the city avoiding contact, he managed to hone his powers but never felt he truly controlled them.

This was when he searched for and joined the Xavier School. He honestly hoped that it could be his salvation but, after a short time, he decided he didn’t quite fit in. His situation boded a problem and he floated in and out of classes for a semester before dropping out. His time there wasn’t notable, and most of the current alumni likely wouldn’t recognise him. Taking the smaller lessons he’d learned with him, Alex’s life soon became something of a muddled rush. He wandered across U.S borders from country to country, becoming involved with the darker side of life. Drugs, people, sex trafficking. He dabbled in it all, his powers aiding him, until he settled on assassination. Like all trades, he became an apprentice first - working under a hit man only known to others as “Enrique” who was considered one of the most dangerous men in the world with a sniper rifle. He taught Alex how to kill, how to clean his weapon, how to make a weapon from near-anything. And, most importantly, how to live.

For two years - day and night - Alex practised, learning how the murder trade worked, improving both weapon wielding skills as well as his powers. After this, Enrique left as swiftly as he came into Alex’s life, ironically shot by a rival sniper, but Alex pressed on, already accustomed to keeping his distance from others and not growing too attached. His first true kill was a shady Russian diplomat in Romania. Child pornography. Alex didn’t need a brain to put that one together. It went off without a hitch, and that was something of a cathartic event for Alex. He expected to breakdown in tears, fall in shambles and go back to his old life, but that never happened. He loved the thrill of the shot, the hot flash of adrenaline from the kill. He realised that this was what he was born for and is now a gun-for-hire wanted by authorities in over five different countries.

Abilities: Electrical Manipulation, Expert Level Marksmanship, Basic Swordsmanship Skills, Basic Military Training.


Character Connections:

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