Heroes. Mutants. Aliens. Gods. Monsters.
It would seem that the human race is no longer alone. As threats to our kind grow in number, each one seeking some form of power, it dawns on the world that the key to survival is co-operation. Yet most seem reluctant to do so, leaving teams across the globe to fight not only their enemies, but also amongst themselves.
With the once black and white lines of good and evil beginning to blur, how easy will it be to tell innocence from danger?
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Could the Ultimate Spider-Woman be a separate character to Jessica Drew if there was a reason for her being in the 616?

I’d have to ask darling Christopher (who plays Peter) first, seeing as she would be the female clone of his character. Although, if you message me off of anonymous, we could perhaps think about creating a female OC similar to Spider-Man? It could be interesting if she was a fan of his who had tried to replicate his powers/skills and then finally meet him and become a sidekick or something similar.

Instead of having Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) would you accept Ultimate Spider-Woman (Peter Parker clone) that also have the spider sense and shoot organic webbing from her fingertips?

Probably not, no, as I’m afraid one of the key points about having Jessica Drew (Earth 616) is that she was once affiliated with Hydra and therefore ties in with our Viper. My apologies!

Hi! Are you all accepting original characters? I've already read the rules but I just wanted to double check.

We most certainly are!

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Elizabeth “Betty” Ross | 31 | TAKEN | FC: Liv Tyler

So many promises. Every single time. ‘I love you love you love you.’ But then the world needs saving. Or smashing. Doesn’t matter. Because there you are again. Giant and green and furious and…and this will never, ever change.

Bio: Betty grew up as an army brat and, from the get go, it was hard. She relied heavily on the fact that she always had her mother to fall back on as her father was incredibly military orientated, his paternal skills leaving much to be desired. After her mother, Karen, died, her father shut everyone out of his life save for the military. Because of this Betty ended up being sent to boarding school, during which she went through a rebellious stage. Short skirts, colored hair, partying… it all lasted long enough for her to realize that no one cared what she was doing, no one but herself. She cleaned up her act and worked her hardest at graduating at the top of her class, secretly hoping that her father would notice.

Once she had finished her schooling, Betty went to college where she met Bruce Banner and the two fell in love - much to the chagrin of her father. She spent just about all of her time with Bruce, her calm persona a breath of fresh air to him. No matter how much her father hated the fact that they were together, she did not care, continuing her relationship with Bruce in preference to any sort of love between herself and her father. 

Time passed and the incident with the Gamma exposure took place, leaving Betty injured and causing Bruce to flee. Once healed, she returned to work for her father but eventually found Bruce again, assisting him with his hope of finding a “cure” to no avail. Their failed achievements lead to him vanishing again and Betty was lead to believe that she would never set eyes on her best friend and her one true love again. Until - that is - the events in New York happened. The moment she spotted The Hulk on the news, she immediately filed her transfer papers so she could teach at NYU with hopes of finding Bruce once more.

Skills: N/A


  • Calm
  • Caring
  • Patient
  • Lonely

Character Connections:

  • Was formerly in a relationship with Bruce Banner

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How is this group approaching current Marvel events like what's occurred in Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD?

We take them into account but we’re set a little way after them, so they don’t really affect everyone. Obviously we can’t predict what Marvel’s going to do next, so we tend to work around their plots in order to make them fit with our own. Things that happened in The Winter Soldier are considered to have happened in the past, which is why Bucky now works alongside Steve and the rest of the Avengers.

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Peter Benjamin Parker and Mary Jane Watson
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