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With the once black and white lines of good and evil beginning to blur, how easy will it be to tell innocence from danger?
Sort all of the characters for whom we have created bios for by various criteria, including availability, gender and allegiance.
Click here for our application forms. Please fill one of them in and submit it to complete the audition process.
Upon acceptance into the group, please ensure that you are following all of the blogs stated on this master list.
Anonymous said: Can I write a bio for a character that I would like to see in the group but that I don't want to play?

Yeah sure, just send it in via the submit and I’ll sort out the graphics for it.

Anonymous said: Oh and I was wondering for Morph, who would you want me to FC as? I thought maybe David Tennant?(But then Matt Smith or Neil Patrick Harris)

Of the three, I can see Matt Smith working the best. Some suggestions of mine would be Michael Pitt, Wentworth Miller, Aldis Hodge or maybe Elijah Wood — just put down three or so when prompted to in the application form and I’ll let you know which one I think should be used!

Anonymous said: I want to play, but I'm really worried about submitting a bad example RP paragraph... What kind of things are you looking for/ could you give me an example? Sorry for being a pain!

I’m looking for something that shows an understanding into the character through portrayal of behaviours, actions, etc. as well as an overall example of how you would go about paraing. It’s always useful to see a mixture of creative descriptive writing and dialogue so that I can get a general idea of how you roleplay. As for examples, I’d suggest checking out any of our current taken characters and seeing the sort of things they write. I hope that helps!

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Anonymous said: This is the same Anon as asked about the loads of character ideas (Starlord, Justice, Cap) and I forgot to ask soemthing else! Sorry for being so disorganised! I have also RP'd as Morph in the past? Would that be a possibility?

Oh no, you’re not disorganised at all: it can be a difficult decision. Certainly, Morph would be a great addition to the group!

Anonymous said: Hey, I'm torn over a bunch of different characters? Any suggestions? I want to play Starlord, Justice or Captain America (But then maybe Angel, War Machine and Falcon as well... idk)

I’d personally love to have you play any one of them! Perhaps sit down and decide which you’d like to explore the most? Who would you enjoy writing and have plenty of inspiration for?

Anonymous said: Do you give prompts for the para sample? If you do, could you please give me some for Emma/White Queen?

 For Emma I’d suggest focusing on her past — she’s had plenty of drama in it, after all. Perhaps something to do with her sister? Or her views on how mutants are treated? Maybe even begin to flesh out a reason as to why she’s rejoined the Hellfire Club and decided to leave the X-Men: you’re more than welcome to be creative as her bio is pretty open and flexible.

Anonymous said: I really can't pick between Emma Frost, Firestar, Sif and Mary Jane, who would you prefer to see an app for?

Personally I’d like to see either Emma Frost or Sif, but it really depends on who you feel the most comfortable portraying!

Anonymous said: Hello! I'm a former Rachel Cole-Alves, a.k.a. Punisher, indie rp-er and I am interested in maybe joining your group. Is Rachel a character that would be good for plots? Would you allow an ex-indie in your group?

Hello there darling. Rachel would definitely add something to the group, it’d be interesting to see how she gets on with various other characters. We’d love to have you!

Anonymous said: are you guys open for face claim suggestions?

If you require FC suggestions for a character, then yes. If there’s an FC you want to suggest that we use, then I’m afraid not.

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