Heroes. Mutants. Aliens. Gods. Monsters.
It would seem that the human race is no longer alone. As threats to our kind grow in number, each one seeking some form of power, it dawns on the world that the key to survival is co-operation. Yet most seem reluctant to do so, leaving teams across the globe to fight not only their enemies, but also amongst themselves.
With the once black and white lines of good and evil beginning to blur, how easy will it be to tell innocence from danger?
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William ‘Billy’ Kaplan (Wiccan) | 19 | TAKEN | FC: Nico Tortorella

“We don’t just act like Avengers anymore - we are Avengers.”

Bio: Known to most as Wiccan, William Kaplan – Billy for short – always knew he wasn’t considered normal. The other kids in his school picked up on it too and when he was growing up, the kids in school liked to remind him of just how much they didn’t like different. He was constantly bullied by kids in his grade; it wasn’t that bad until he came to terms with his sexuality. Billy was gay, and somewhere in his mind he knew that way before he came out in the eighth grade, but middle school was where he learned the term for it. Once again he was faced with the people who didn’t like differences, so he had to deal with their bullying on an almost every day basis. He brushed away his parents worry and said ‘it wasn’t as bad as it looked,’ and then would move on with his day. Because no matter how bad things were at school, there was always one thing that never failed to cheer Billy up. And that was the Avengers.

Billy followed the lives of the superheroes that were constantly saving the world since he was old enough to read. He knew every exhaustible detail about all of them and sometimes would walk by their mansion on the way home from school to get a look at anyone of them. It was on one of those walks where he met the Scarlet Witch, who gave him the strength and powers to defend himself. Now, as a strong member of the Young Avengers, Billy has taken on the persona Wiccan and helps the others in an attempt to protect those he loves from what’s out there in the world.

Teleportation, Electrokinesis, Photokinesis, Energy/Solid Constructs, Pyrokinesis, Healing, Spell Casting, Reality Warping.


  • Courageous
  • Friendly
  • Fiercely Loyal
  • "Geeky”